Allergy Awareness: A Case Study - Sophie's Story

Allergies arising from nail products have become a significant concern in the beauty industry. While for many, nail products result in beautiful and polished finishes, others aren’t as lucky. Such is the story of HONA nail tech, Sophie, who faced severe allergic reactions and a journey through the medical world to find answers.

We asked Sophie a few questions about her experience.

What specific symptoms do you experience when exposed to allergens in nail products?

I had red, itchy and swollen eyelids and they also started to crack open. I also had severe nail separation, flaky and red skin just under my nails at the fingertips, they were very tender to touch. 

Nail Allergy Case Study

Did you seek medical advice or treatment for your nail product-related allergies? If so, were they helpful in identifying the allergen?

I went to my GP numerous times, they never offered me a face to face appointment, they sent me to the pharmacy and also to the opticians instead. When they finally agreed to see me, they didn’t refer me to a specialist and simply told me to change my job. I ended up going to have a private allergy test which then confirmed my allergy.

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions or myths about nail product allergies?

‘If you don’t have an allergy now, you won’t get one’ or ‘It won’t happen to me”. Anyone can develop an allergy at any time, that’s why it is so important that we understand what products and ingredients we are putting on our nails. This is also the exact reason why us nail techs are here, we can recognise the symptoms of an allergy developing. But also we ensure the products we are using are safe for our clients and that we have the correct tools to carry out a beautiful manicure. 

Nail Allergy Case Study

Have you encountered clients in the past with similar allergies or sensitivities, and how did you accommodate their needs during the service?

Recently, I’ve had a new client through my door having experienced a similar allergy. She used to get red, flaky and itchy skin all around her nails which would sometimes blister too. She came to me to try the HONA products and we started with regular gel polish. After 3 sets, her nails are doing amazingly, with no reaction at all, she is so so happy and is now eager to grow her nails with PureBuild.

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