Soft Nail Duster Brush

It's the little things, those little touches that elevate your manicure service

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Elevate your service

It's the little things, those little touches that elevate your manicure service and make you stand out. Each touch point makes a statement so indulge your clients with HONA's signature Nail Duster Brush.

Every nail tech's dream, this brush is precision incarnate. Its ultra-soft, vegan, and cruelty-free synthetic bristles glide seamlessly, removing every speck of dust, ensuring a flawless nail surface.

Compact yet robust, this tool is a salon essential but also great for professionals on the go. Its lightweight design coupled with its integrated holder ensures it’s always within arm's reach, maintaining your workstation's neat aesthetic.

Constructed from high-grade plastic and nylon, the handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring precision in every stroke. And the cherry on top? Its chic holder! No more searching the salon - your brush snaps back into its holder, ensuring it's always in pristine condition.

Perfect your craft with the quintessential touch of HONA's Nail Duster Brush.

What are the key features of this detail nail art brush

  • SIGNATURE AESTHETIC: Our iconic black-on-black design.
  • VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST: Ideal for cleaning the nail plate post-preparation & buffing. Also great for dusting off nail art glitters and flakes.
  • ELEVATE YOUR STATION: Comes with a sleek holder, blending seamlessly with the upscale salon ambiance.

Brush Care

Consider the HONA Soft Nail Duster Brush brush akin to a fine makeup brush, deserving of delicate care.

Gentle Cleaning Products Only: Opt for IPA over acetone. Acetone has the potential to dissolve the adhesive securing the bristles, compromising the brush's integrity.

Pristine Hands First: Always ensure the brush is used on hands that are clean and have been thoroughly disinfected. This will limit cross contamination

Swift Client Turnaround: For a quick refresh between clients, a spritz of PureClean spray will suffice. Gently sweep the bristles on a tissue to dry and you're set for the next session.

Periodic Deep Cleansing: For a thorough cleanse, delicately wash the brush with lukewarm soapy water, allowing it to rest facing down on a tissue overnight. Conclude the clean with a sanitiser spray to ensure optimal hygiene.

Treat your HONA brush with the care it deserves, and it will serve you beautifully in return.

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