HONA Nail Art Palette Ring

Create detailed masterpieces with ease!

41,00 kr
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The HONA Stainless Steel Nail Art Mixing Palette Ring and Spatula are the ultimate power duo for effortless colour mixing and nail art. These tools allow for the seamless blending of colours without any fuss or waste, making it a must-have tool for every creative nail artist. 

    Key Features

    • Easy clean for ultimate hygiene - can be wiped down using acetone, isopropyl alcohol, water, or HONA PureClean.
    • Made of stainless steel with a smooth texture, easy to clean and wipe off.
    • Ring feature for easy and quicker access when doing detailed work .
    • Adjustable size. 
    • Engraved doubled-end mini spatula for clean mixing and scooping of product.
    • Travel Pouch for storage. 


    The HONA mission is to educate, inspire and improve the talents of the modern day nail technician as well as empower the nail community through uncompromising integrity, transparency and service.