HONA always aim to be as transparent as possible to allow you to make a fully informed decision on whether we are the brand for you. One of the many questions we receive is about where each of our products are manufactured. Below is a list of every product category with further information on where that product is made.


The HONA Gel System has been co created by  HONA and  Jim McConnell to meet the exact requirements of the UK market. The formula is manufactured in Oregon, USA and shipped to the HONA warehouse based in South Wales. The raw formula is then bottled using our peristaltic pump system ensuring no cross contamination and then finally labelled ready to be shipped.

The gel system is fully compliant with the EU cosmetics legislation (EC) No 1223/2009 and are registered within Europe via the CPNP and via the UK CPNP. All the HONA gel system is HEMA, HPMA & IBOA free.

View HONA PureBuild SDS sheet here |  Gel Polish SDS sheet here | High Shine Top Coat SDS sheet here | Complete Base SDS sheets here


HONA wants to make our products as accessible as possible. We have spent additional resources on testing the popular lamps currently on the UK market. (View HONA approved lamps here). Each lamp shown on this page has an independent lab report showing its effectiveness with the HONA Gel System and HONA Detail Paints.

The HONA Cube Cordless is manufactured by Cosmex in Taiwan and the Sun3 is manufactured by SunUV based in China.


All HONA art gels (Detail Paints) are now manufactured in China. They are fully compliant with the EU cosmetics legislation (EC) No 1223/2009 and are registered within Europe via the CPNP and via the UK CPNP. To ensure the HONA Detail Paint formula and SDS sheets are both 100% accurate, independent cosmetic specialists Biorius were hired in 2022 to create an independent SDS sheet. This extra level was done to give further piece of mind to our customers. Biorius are used by leading cosmetics brands such as L'Oreal and Estee Lauder - Learn more about Biorius here.

In 2023 HONA hired cosmetics compliance experts CE.Way to verify the product once more as part of our commitment to transparency and safety.

View HONA Detail Paint SDS sheet from CE.Way here | View Biorius' Detail Paint SDS sheet

Please note during the supplier change the formula has remained consistent and continues to be HEMA, HPMA & IBOA free as well as totally vegan and cruelty free.


All HONA art accessories such as glitters, foils, chrome powders etc are all manufactured in China.

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